A Crash Course in Omaha: The Best Places to Stay, Eat, and Play

A Crash Course in Omaha: The Best Places to Stay, Eat, and Play

A Crash Course in Omaha: The Best Places to Stay, Eat, and Play

Omaha is one of the best places in the United States to eat, sleep and play for travelers. Bill Murray also claims that destinations read like our list of “Best Cities in Nebraska”, including Omaha.

Check out our guide to make sure you have everything from top-notch hotels, tasty diners, foodie meccas and more.

More Visited than any city on earth:

–Omaha has been visited 73% more than any other city on earth by 30 million or more people every year for three years running: 2013, 2014, 2015*

This section is full of my personal faves!

Where to stay in Omaha:

The Ava Maria Hotel is where I’d recommend staying. Located right in the heart of Omaha, it’s within walking distance to many popular attractions such as UI Children’s Hospital and Union Pacific Center. And at things can get a little busy around the Ava Maria, it’ll help if you really want to make the most out of your Nebraska experience. They offer a super discounted rate! 👏

If you’re looking for something regular with plenty of rooms and amenities on-site, then I recommend staying at The Westin LaSalle Omaha Edition. It’s located near several library events and shops including Barnes & Noble and Reject Shop – create your own rock t shirt!     It offers a Great Plains Rate Plus Bag More Stars room if you really want to indulge yourself during your stay.

What will you do for fun in Omaha? :

Omaha is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer in terms of leisure and sightseeing. Each person can find something unique to enjoy here. Here’s five of the best things that this city has to offer!

Nebraska’s capital, Omaha, serves as central meeting point between the Cornhusker State’s business and agricultural hubs — driving Nebraska’s thriving economy.

1. Best people watching picnics: UNO Downtown Campus at the lakefront (Loop Trail).

Introduction: What is Omaha?

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Best Places to Stay in Omaha

Omaha is often overlooked when it comes to cities exploring options for vacations. Hopefully, with this guide, you will have better insight into why this city has become so prominent in the tourism department.

Best Places to Stay In Omaha: You don’t need a bunch of adjectives or the extensive research that can go into making a list of amenities to stay at an Omaha hotel. Instead, try renting out one of these properties to enjoy your time and experience what places like Omaha have to offer!

While many people look at where they want to live, it can also be important to think about where you want to go while traveling. These locations only come around once in a lifetime, so we need to ensure that we get the most out of our trips.

We’ve outlined the best locations for each type of traveler below along with some beautiful pictures for you to help visualize what these places would look like.

Nebraska is entertaining destination boasting a variety of sightseeing points, top-notch golf courses, and recreational locations. It’s also home to many luxurious places for temporary living or dining away from home. So where is the best place to stay in Omaha?

It really depends on what interests you– whether it’s the natural beauty that sets Omaha apart from other U.S cities or there are certain establishments trying to attract business travelers or certain sports attractions. Here are 10 of the top things to do in Omaha followed by a list of accommodations for every taste and preference.–From Forbes Magazine identifying some of the top places to stay in town

Top 10 Things To Do In Omaha:

Tour the Henry Doorly Zoo

Tour The Metro Railway Museum

Attend a game at CenturyLink Center & Downtown Aquarium

Omaha Children’s Museum

See an event at FirstStop OMAHA! Film Festival Venue& Video Arcade

Best Restaurants in Omaha

Oak Tower is a restaurant located in the city of Omaha. They are known for their extensive whiskey list. Reservations are recommended.

Oak Tower was proud to announce that they have had more than 10 years of continuous service for their patrons. This establishment offers delicious foods at affordable prices.

Oak Tower is definitely a great place to eat and enjoy drinks with friends and family in the city of Omaha

Most people visit new places often while the traditional favorites are only visited once.

Every time we go out to eat, it’s exciting, but all too soon it becomes routine. We know what we like and don’t like, yet when our cities expand to include all that is new, there’s always something new to enjoy. Knowing or not knowing about the newest restaurants in Omaha makes for a fun dining adventure!

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Omaha is not big enough to have many restaurants. A city with a scarce supply of restaurants is why this list would otherwise be very short. If you’re looking for swift service, then it would be best to go to one of these five suggestions here.

Five restaurant neighborhoods in Omaha:

Downtown: Peighton Park and along Farnham Street

Old Market Area: Around 10 th Street in downtown

East Bank Club: Corner of Seventeenth and Dodge Streets

Sheppard Area: Along Sheppard Avenue West

North Side Viewing Point Table — Old Sohcahtoa Road near 10th Street

Best Things to Do in Omaha

Omaha is home to the largest community of indie musicians in the US. There are local bars and clubs hosting many shows and live music, so people will never be bored here.

Best Things to Do in Omaha:

The art galleries are scenic and charming, so wandering through them to view artwork will definitely make visitors become more relaxed after a stressful day of work\

Omaha is the America’s vast metropolitan city in the Midwest that has two declensions. People marry their Omaha on everything from how they speak, what they listen to, and how they enjoy a leisure galore.

Omaha’s serenity is unparalleled by other cities with its river that offers locals a unique chance for fun with paintballing, stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, and fishing. The snow can also induce creativity because it often is shaped into sculptures like at the Lamar Haye Arts Centre or neotraditional arts plaza near the Miller Sq. This city gem has much more to offer the urban wanderer than just waterparks., At Omaha City Square-the nation’s leading outdoor food market with over 80 vendors-visitors soak up local culture and check out a different local dish every day during open hours.

The Best Things to Do in Omaha

This list shares 36 best things to do in Omaha.

Within this list, you will find activities for every personality to enjoy such as family events, romantic sightseeing and cultural entertainment. Dive into your preferred activities or mix and match multiple dishes from one category.

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